The case for Stronger Brazil-India Relations


Indian Foreign Affairs Journal, Vol. 5, No.3, 2010 

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In 2050, India will be the third largest economy on earth, followed by Brazil in the fourth spot. As a consequence of both countries growing economic dominance, ties between Brazil and India will inevitably reach previously unimagined intensity and scope not just in 2050, but much earlier than that. Conscious of these trends, India’s and Brazil’s government have undertaken significant steps to strengthen ties between the two countries. Brazilian- Indian relations reached a historic highpoint in April 2010, when Brazil’s President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh renewed, in a bilateral meeting in Brasilia, their governments' commitment to the ‘strategic alliance’ between both countries and expressed satisfaction at the growing bilateral relations. Yet the Indian-Brazilian rapprochement is intimately tied to both countries heads of government, Dr. Singh and Lula. In the process of building stronger ties, Brazil has arguably played the more active role, and the Brazilian President has tirelessly promoted stronger ties over the past decade. As his departure looms at the end of 2010, Brazilian-Indian relations are at a fork in the road. As an uninspiring yet competent technocrat is set to succeed the charismatic, energetic and captivating President Lula, it is India’s turn to actively strengthen the relationship which was largely insignificant only two decades ago.

More specifically, collaboration needs to focus on four issue areas: trade, the defense of democracy in the developing world, large scale knowledge sharing on issues of economic development, public health and education, and the democratization of global governance....

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