Meet Dilma, Brazil’s next Prez
Oct 23, 2010
Dilma Rousseff may have failed to secure the widely expected absolute majority in the first turn, yet she seems certain to beat ...

Brazil Should Act on Nuclear Transparency
Oliver Stuenkel
20 Oct 2010
Although Dilma Rousseff failed to secure an absolute majority in the first round of ...

Are emerging powers ready to assume responsibility?

Asking for more responsibility for emerging powers in international decision-making bodies has been so popular that no Brazilian, Chinese or Indian diplomat can start a speech without decrying that global governance ...

Is there a case for stronger Brazil-Russia relations?

In June 2010, a visa-free travel agreement between Russia and Brazil came into effect, which aims to boost tourism and business travel between the two BRIC countries. While the number of travelers will remain low in the near ...

Internationale strategische Bedrohungen für Brasilien

Oliver Stuenkel
KAS - Auslandsinformationen 10-2010
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Brasiliens wirtschaftlicher Aufstieg im Laufe der letzten Jahrzehnte ist durchaus erstaunlich. Während Brasiliens Wachstum nicht ganz so ...