Book Review: “Can the Elephant Dance?” by David M. Malone

Book review: "Can the Elephant Dance?" by David M. Malone. Oxford University Press (2002). 448 pages, U$ 32.95 (Paperback,
David Malone’s book on Indian foreign policy, it must be said from the outset, is ...


As Brazil turns into 6th largest economy, unfamiliar challenges loom

As a report earlier this week by the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) noted, Brazil has just overtaken the UK as the world's sixth largest economy. Merely one year ago, it displaced Italy from the seventh ...


2011’s most popular articles: “How immigration will change Brazil” and more

1. How immigration will change Brazil (April 10)
As we're stuck in traffic on Avenida Paulista, São Paulo's most famous boulevard, the cab driver interrupts our small talk, struggling to hide his disbelief and skepticism. ...


Book review: “The New Brazil” by Riordan Roett

Book review: The New Brazil. By Riordan Roett. Brookings Institutions Press, 2011. 178 pages. $19.79 (kindle,
In this concise and very accessible book, Riordan Roett, one of the United States' leading Brazil ...

10 Issues to Watch in International Politics in 2012

  10. Is Central America doomed?
After Mexico’s President Calderon’s crackdown against drug trafficking, resulting in unprecedented levels of violence in the country (about 50,000 deaths since 2006), ...


Brazil and the dilemma of regional leadership

Prior to a recent meeting of Latin American policy makers and academics in Rio de Janeiro, I asked a participant from Ecuador whether he'd prefer to speak Spanish or Portuguese. "Nobody in Ecuador bothers to learn ...


A competição pela modernidade definirá a nova ordem global
Por Oliver Stuenkel*
Com os Estados Unidos e a Europa enfrentando suas profundas dificuldades financeiras, o declínio do Ocidente e a ‘ascensão do restante’ ...


Do think tanks matter?

Yesterday a group of researchers from the Berlin-based German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP), a large publicly financed think tank, visited FGV-CPDOC to speak about several of their research projects ...


As Europe struggles, Mercosur’s supporters need a new lodestar

Last Friday I visited the Mercosur Secretariat in Montevideo, Uruguay's capital, where I met with several of its permanent staff to speak about the future of regional integration. The Secretariat is housed in a former luxury ...


New York Times: Fundação Getulio Vargas ranks third in the emerging world

This week the New York Times published the results of a poll in which it asked hundreds of chief executives and chairmen to select the top universities from which they recruited. Ranked 98th in the world, the Fundação ...