Rising Powers and the Future of Democracy Promotion: the case of Brazil and India (Third World Quarterly)

Third World Quarterly


The dominant position established powers have traditionally held in global affairs is slowly eroding. One of the issues profoundly affected by this process will be democracy promotion, an area traditionally dominated by the USA and Europe on both the policy and the academic level. While several rising democracies—such as Brazil and India—may seem, from a Western point of view, to be ideal candidates to assist the USA and Europe in promoting democracy in a ‘post-Western World’, emerging powers like these are reluctant to embrace the idea. What does this mean for the future of democracy promotion once the USA’s and Europe’s international influence declines further?

Oliver Stuenkel is at the School of Social Science (CPDOC) of Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV) in São Paulo, Brazil

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