“Brazil on the Global Stage: Power, Ideas, and the Liberal International Order” by M. Taylor and O. Stuenkel



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Hardcover – April 16, 2015
by Matthew M. Taylor (Editor), Oliver Stuenkel (Editor)
ISBN-13: 978-1137491640
ISBN-10: 1137491647

This volume explores Brazil’s postures on various aspects of foreign relations, including trade, foreign and environmental policy, humanitarian intervention, nuclear proliferation and South-South relations. Brazilian foreign policy challenges the conventional wisdom that capitalist democracies will converge to become faithful adherents of a US-led global liberal order. Its recent history demonstrates that middle powers, even those of a deeply democratic bent, may differ in their views of what democracy means on the global stage and how international relations should be conducted among sovereign nations. The authors argue from a variety of perspectives that, even as Brazil seeks greater integration and recognition, it also brings challenges to the global status quo that are emblematic of the tensions accompanying the increasing relevance of middle powers in the multipower world system.



“Stuenkel and Taylor have done an admirable job putting together a key collection of background primers on contemporary Brazilian foreign policy. Readers grappling with Brazil’s growing role in the world would be well advised to include this book on their reading lists if they wish to add an important level of nuance and context to their understanding of Brazilian foreign policy.” (International Affairs)

Sean W. Burges


"Oliver Stuenkel and Matthew M. Taylor’s Brazil on the Global Stage (...) will be of paramount interest to scholars of emerging powers, the global liberal order and America’s role in it, international institutions, and Brazil itself." (Perspectives on Politics)

Kai Michael Kenkel


"Stuenkel and Taylor argue that Brazil, despite facing great challenges, especially internally and, more intensely, during Dilma Rousseff’s gov- ernment, has been successful in its search for a place on the international front. In this regard, the authors highlight the importance of Lula’s government without dis- carding the significance of the political and economic stability achieved during Fer- nando Henrique Cardoso’s government." (Latin American Politics and Society)

Alexandre César Cunha Leite


"Leitura bastante relevante e muito atual sobre os rumos que o Brasil tende a tomar nos próximos anos. Os temas escolhidos são de grande impacto para o país e revelam o desafio que a nação enfrentará, seja em ambiente regional com os seus vizinhos, seja para com a potência americana, e também para com as demais nações do globo." (Estudos Internacionais)

Wagner Martins dos Santos


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