Lançamento de livro: BRICS e o Futuro da Ordem Global

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ISBN: 978-85-7753-360-2 290 páginas R$ 57,90 Editora Paz e Terra
A primeira e mais abrangente análise acadêmica da história do termo BRICS. Em ...

Reseña: “Post-Western World” (Foreign Affairs Latinoamérica)

Post Western world: How emerging powers are remaking global order, Oliver Stuenkel, Cambridge, Polity Press, 2016, 251 pp., ...


Book review: “Post-western world: how emerging powers are remaking global order”
"Oliver Stuenkel has been very prolific in recent years, producing some excellent work on the BRICS and Brazilian foreign policy in particular, ...


“Post-Western World: How Emerging Powers are Remaking Global Order”

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With the United States superpower status rivalled by a rising China and emerging powers like India and Brazil playing a growing role in international affairs, the global balance of ...


“The BRICS and the Future of Global Order” by Oliver Stuenkel

The BRICS and the Future of Global Order. By Oliver Stuenkel. Lexington Press, 268 pages. ISBN-13: 978-0739193211 ISBN-10: 073919321X
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