Brazil’s top 10 foreign policy challenges in 2017

Disclaimer: Selecting merely ten issues from the multitude of foreign policy challenges Brazil faces is, of course, a rather impossible task, and bound to omit crucial topics. The list below ...


International Politics in 2017: Ten Predictions

1. A post-truth world: Democracy in crisis  The toxic combination of rising inequality, growing polarization, the proliferation of "fake news" and populist candidates will pose a severe challenge to democracies ...


Is This the End of US Soft Power?

Donald Trump’s election will likely lead to an unprecedented decline in U.S. soft power in the region and the world.
By Oliver Stuenkel November 16, ...


A Fragmented West in a Post-Western World

Trump's victory further weakens the West in global affairs. With the United States now in retreat and the emergence of a global leadership vacuum, Beijing faces a world of opportunities.
Donald Trump's ...


The Goa Declaration: An analysis

In Goa: Brazil's Michel Temer, Russia's Vladimir Putin, India's Narendra Modi, China's Xi Jinping and South Africa's Jacob Zuma
Five years ago, in a column in the Financial Times, entitled "A Story of Brics without ...