Entrevista de história oral com Bernardo Pericás

Embaixador Bernardo Pericas Neto (1941-2015)
Entrevista de história oral realizada no contexto do projeto “O Brasil em Crises Internacionais”, desenvolvido pelo Centro de Relações internacionais do CPDOC com ...


Itamaraty is key to successful Olympics

Hosting the Olympic Games is a tremendous opportunity for a country to enhance its global visibility. In addition to several hundred thousand tourists, journalists from all over the world will come and report not only on ...


Entrevista de história oral com Francisco Rezek

Entrevistado:José Francisco Rezek,Ministro das Relações Exteriores do Brasil (15 de março de 1990a 13 de abril de 1992)
Entrevista de história oral realizada no contexto do projeto “O Brasil em Crises ...


Brazil: Towards a New Foreign Policy?

On Wednesday afternoon, International Relations scholars across Brazil gathered in front of their computer screens as the newly minted Foreign Minister José Serra took to the podium at Itamaraty Palace for the first time. ...


Latin America confronts the United States

US President Eisenhower greets the crowds in São Paulo (1960). Along with his Argentine counterpart Frodizi, Brazil's President Juscelino Kubitschek sought to convince Eisenhower to provide large-scale development aid. ...


“Post-Western World” Now Available For Pre-order on Amazon

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With the United States superpower status rivalled by a rising China and emerging powers like India and Brazil playing a growing role in international affairs, the global balance of ...


The Challenges Awaiting Temer’s Top Diplomat

Brazil's Vice President Michel Temer is currently assembling his cabinet
Whoever will be chosen by incoming President Michel Temer to head Brazil's Foreign Ministry faces a set of daunting challenges. Above all, he ...


How Brazil’s Crisis Is Bleeding into the Rest of South America (Americas Quarterly)

BY Oliver Stuenkel
April 25, 2016
Brazil’s withdrawal from the world is damaging the rest of the continent, even as it becomes a battleground in Rousseff’s impeachment. ...


Latin American Innovations for Democratic Renewal (Carnegie)

The 'Hacker Bus' in Brazil
In Latin America, analysts’ attention has focused on the way that left-wing populist regimes have come to ...


Why Brazil’s next President may pursue an activist foreign policy

Brazilian peacekeepers in Lebanon
Irrespective of what will happen in Brasília over the next days and weeks, someone other than Dilma Rousseff will soon call the shots in Brazil. If the Rousseff government survives ...