Market turmoil and the future of Chinese institution building

As the financial crisis in China unfolds, analysts are scrambling to grasp the implications for the global economy. As Martin Wolf wrote in his excellent analysis in the Financial Times,
One must distinguish between what ...


Can Shanghai become a global financial center?

Shanghai's current stock market turmoil has left the many observers wondering about short-term implications for the global economy. Looking beyond immediate worries, two issues are worth noting. First of all, the current ...


BRICS: Time to create an OECD-type structure?

Will the BRICS institutionalize, and will BRICS-related initiatives proliferate? Most observers focus on highly symbolic security issues, like the crisis in Ukraine or UN Security Council Reform. Yet potential for enhancing ...


The Politics of China’s Amazonian Railway

In January 2015, construction of the so-called Grand Interoceanic Canal (usually called Nicaragua Canal) has finally begun. If completed, the canal would be the largest civil-engineering and construction project in the ...

Book review: “Cosmopolitan Power in International Relations” by Giulio M. Gallarotti

Cosmopolitan Power in International Relations: A Synthesis of Realism, Neoliberalism and Constructivism. By Giulio M. Gallarotti. Cambridge University Press, 2011.R$ 96,63 (, kindle)
Cosmopolitan power, ...


É hora de o Brasil endurecer com Nicolás Maduro

Originalmente publicado em inglês no dia 30 de julho e traduzido pelo Politike.
Brasil precisa mostrar à Venezuela que não aceitará retrocessos na promessa do país em aceitar observadores internacionais nas ...


Policy Roundtable: “Challenges to Peace and Security: A Discussion on Brazil’s Potential Contributions”

Policy Roundtable: Challenges to Peace and Security:A Discussion on Brazil’s Potential Contributions
Download report here.
12 March 2015 / Center for International Relations, School of Social Science, Getulio Vargas ...


Book review: “21st Century Democracy Promotion in the Americas” By J. Heine and B. Weiffen

Book review: 21st Century Democracy Promotion in the Americas: Standing up for the polity. By Jorge Heine and Brigitte Weiffen. Routledge Global Institutions, 2014. 186 pages. R$ 50,73 (kindle,
Almost ...


Time for Brazil to Get Tough on President Maduro

Facing the worst economic and political crisis in more than two decades (a situation termed a "more-than-perfect storm" by Valor Econômico, a business daily), President Rousseff must prepare herself for one of the most ...


Lula’s fight to defend his global legacy

Since leaving office four and a half years ago, Brazil's ex-President Lula da Silva has been, along with Bill Clinton, one of the world's most popular former leaders, frequently speaking at international high-level ...