The Challenges Awaiting Temer’s Top Diplomat

Brazil's Vice President Michel Temer is currently assembling his cabinet
Whoever will be chosen by incoming President Michel Temer to head Brazil's Foreign Ministry faces a set of daunting challenges. Above all, he ...


How Brazil’s Crisis Is Bleeding into the Rest of South America (Americas Quarterly)

BY Oliver Stuenkel
April 25, 2016
Brazil’s withdrawal from the world is damaging the rest of the continent, even as it becomes a battleground in Rousseff’s impeachment. ...


Latin American Innovations for Democratic Renewal (Carnegie)

The 'Hacker Bus' in Brazil
In Latin America, analysts’ attention has focused on the way that left-wing populist regimes have come to ...


Aula Aberta do MBA em RI com Matias Spektor: “A Diplomacia do Impeachment”

No dia 10/05, das 18h30 às 20h, o professor Matias Spektor dará uma Aula Aberta do MBA em Relações Internacionais, com o tema “A Diplomacia do Impeachment”, no qual discutirá a articulação ...


Why Brazil’s next President may pursue an activist foreign policy

Brazilian peacekeepers in Lebanon
Irrespective of what will happen in Brasília over the next days and weeks, someone other than Dilma Rousseff will soon call the shots in Brazil. If the Rousseff government survives ...


US Military Bases, Quasi-bases, and Domestic Politics in Latin America

Book review: US Military Bases, Quasi-Bases and Domestic Politics in Latin America. By Sebastian E. Bitar. Palgrave Macmillan, 2016. 204 pages. $104.56 (hardcover,
Starting with the loss of the Howard Air Base ...


Why Brazil is right to negotiate a refugee deal with the European Union

Syrian refugees at a mosque in São Paulo, Brazil
While Brazil is nowadays largely seen as a source of problems, this week the country generated a positive reaction abroad when it emerged that negotiations are underway ...


In Caracas, all eyes are on Brazil’s political drama

Henrique Capriles, a Venezuelan opposition leader
As Brazil is experiencing its worst political crisis in decades, the country has become more inward looking, absorbed by the uncertainty emanating from Brasília. Foreign ...


Venezuela: Beyond chavismo vs. anti-chavismo

Book review: Venezuela: What everyone needs to know. By Miguel Tinker Salas. Oxford University Press, 2015. 264 pages. U$14.28 (paperback,
Prior to the late 1990s, one would be hard-pressed to find a profound ...


In Goa, 8th BRICS Summit will focus on consolidating the grouping

A decade after the Foreign Ministers of Brazil, Russia, India and China for the first time met at the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York to discuss global challenges (the 2006 War in Lebanon dominated the ...