What to look out for in the run-up to the 9th BRICS Summit in Xiamen

In less than four months, the leaders of the five BRICS nations will gather in the charming city of Xiamen in Fujian Province. It will be a high-point of a year that has seen an unprecedented degree of Chinese ...

Lançamento de livro: BRICS e o Futuro da Ordem Global

Disponível na Amazon, Saraiva e Livraria Folha
ISBN: 978-85-7753-360-2 290 páginas R$ 57,90 Editora Paz e Terra
A primeira e mais abrangente análise acadêmica da história do termo BRICS. Em ...


The post-western order
The BRICS countries are creating a new global order. That's not necessarily bad news
By Oliver Stuenkel
We are ...


Die postwestliche Ordnung

Die BRICS-Staaten bauen an einer neuen Weltordnung. Das muss kein Grund zur Sorge sein.
Von Oliver Stuenkel
Wir sind ...


Remaking Global Order – A Talk with Oliver Stuenkel (GPPi podcast)

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With emerging powers like China, India and Brazil playing a growing role in international affairs, the global balance of power is shifting. What does this mean for the future ...