Why the 21st century still belongs to emerging powers

As I am finishing a book manuscript about how China, India and other large economies in the Global South are changing global order (to be published with Polity Press next year), several friends and colleagues believe I am ...


Porque Washington tem dificuldades em compreender o BRICS

Originalmente publicado em inglês no dia 12 de julho e traduzido pelo Politike.
“A China tentará se opor e derrubar a ordem existente ou irá se integrar a ela?”, gosta de perguntar G. John Ikenberry, professor da ...


The Ufa Declaration: An analysis

Assessing whether a multilateral summit was a success or not is notoriously difficult. Observers' expectations and definitions of success can vary greatly, and, more importantly, it may take years to grasp the ramifications ...


Dilma Rousseff’s BRICS challenge

This week, Dilma Rousseff is in Russia to participate in the 7th BRICS Leaders Summit in the city of Ufa. Together with her visit to Washington D.C., a week earlier, it is the most important week for Brazilian foreign ...


Connecting the Global South: Why the BRICS Academic Forum matters

In May 2009, the Indian government hosted the first BRIC Academic Forum as a preparatory event to produce ideas that would feed into the first BRICS Leaders Summit in Yekaterinburg (Russia) a month later. Since the BRIC's ...


Victory Day Parade points to BRICS grouping’s growing importance for Russia

Friends in need are friends indeed, a saying goes. Yesterday Vladimir Putin, facing the most severe international political isolation in his fifteen years in power, was saved by a relatively small group of state leaders ...


The G7 and the BRICS in the post-Crimea world order

Valdai Paper # 14: The G7 and the BRICS in the Post-Crimea World Order
The 14th Valdai paper “The G7 and the BRICS in the post-Crimea world order” is ...


Book launch: “The BRICS and the Future of Global Order”

The BRICS and the Future of Global Order. By Oliver Stuenkel. Lexington Press, 268 pages. ISBN-13: 978-0739193211 ISBN-10: 073919321X
Order here (amazon):
"The role and importance of ...


Interview: Why the BRICS will remain an important force in world affairs in 2015 and beyond

By Justin McDonnell March 17, 2015
Oliver Stuenkel is an assistant professor of International Relations at the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV) in São Paulo ...


Em Brisbane, países do BRICS reafirmam compromisso de criar banco de desenvolvimento

Oito meses atrás, os ministros de Relações Exteriores dos países do BRICS assinaram uma declaração, em Haia, na Holanda, contra restrições à participação do presidente russo Vladimir Putin na Cúpula do G-20 em ...