Book review: “BRICS: A Very Short Introduction” by Andrew F. Cooper

Logo of the upcoming BRICS Summit in Goa, in October 2016
Book review: BRICS: A Very Short Introduction. By Andrew F. Cooper. Oxford University Press, 2016. 144 pages. $7.67 (kindle, ...


The BRICS: Seeking Privileges by Constructing and Running Multilateral Institutions

The BRICS: Seeking Privileges by Constructing and Running Multilateral Institutions
Global Summitry Volume , Issue , 26 July 2016 by: Oliver Stuenkel 
DOI: First ...


BRICS ainda é prioridade estratégica para o Brasil (EL PAÍS)

OLIVER STUENKEL 30 JUN 2016 - 20:15
Há quase dez anos, em 2007, o presidente Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva era um dos ...


Why Brazil Shouldn’t Turn Its Back on the BRICS (Americas Quarterly)

JUNE 28, 2016
Despite its current crisis, Brazil must maintain its global diplomatic presence and adapt to a more Asia-centric ...


“Post-Western World” Now Available For Pre-order on Amazon

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With the United States superpower status rivalled by a rising China and emerging powers like India and Brazil playing a growing role in international affairs, the global ...


In Goa, 8th BRICS Summit will focus on consolidating the grouping

A decade after the Foreign Ministers of Brazil, Russia, India and China met for the first time on the sidelines of ...


Novo Banco de Desenvolvimento: o caminho dos BRICS para uma economia verde?

Instituição financeira dos países do bloco parece estar disposta a apoiar projetos de transição para energias renováveis
O lançamento do Novo Banco de Desenvolvimento (NBD) no ano passado, em Xangai, marcou um ...


The New Development Bank (NDB): The BRICS grouping promises to go green

Last year's launch of the New Development Bank (NDB) in Shanghai marked a remarkable step in the history of the BRICS grouping. After being a mere investment category between 2001 and 2007 and an informal platform between ...


IMF reform: A late (and incomplete) diplomatic victory for the BRICS grouping

After waiting for the implementation of IMF quota reforms for more than five years, the BRICS grouping can finally celebrate an important victory: Now implemented, the reform shifts six percentage points of total IMF quota ...


The BRICS grouping is becoming more Asia-centric

The word "decorative" is currently fashionable in Brazil after Michel Temer bemoaned, in a leaked letter to President Dilma Rousseff, that he was being treated as little more than a "decorative Vice President". Jokes in ...