Cúpula do BRICS é possibilidade de fortalecer laços globais e regionais do Brasil

Os BRICS não são um grupo.
Martin Wolf, Financial Times
É hora de se despedir dos Brics.
Philip Stephens, Financial Times
A falta de unidade é sintoma das incompatibilidades subjacentes dos membros do ...

Looking back: The 2nd BRIC Summit in Brasília in 2010

The BRIC label shows (…) the key characteristic of the current global transformation: The paradigm that developing countries cannot be relevant actors is no longer true. Roberto Jaguaribe, Brazil’s Sherpa to the ...

Curso de Férias: “Politics of the Global South: An International Relations Perspective”

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BRICS Summit is Chance to Strengthen Brazil’s Global and Regional Ties

The BRICS are not a group.
Martin Wolf, Financial Times
It’s time to bid farewell to the Brics.
Philip Stephens, Financial Times
Lack of unity is symptomatic of the BRICS members’ underlying ...


BRICS: There Is More Than Just the Summits

When BRICS leaders come together in Fortaleza in mid-July, analysts from around the world will have a quick look at the dynamics during the meeting and the 6th summit declaration, and then offer their view on the future of ...

BRICS: One Should Socialize More
The article is available in Russian here.
Oliver Stuenkel firmly believes that if ordinary Brazilians, South Africans, Indians, Russians and Chinese people ...

Argentina is not a BRICS country – even if it grew 10% per year

Argentina's Foreign Minister Hector Timerman (left) in Moscow
The small group of academics and foreign policy observers that care and write about the BRICS acronym has been in uproar for the past weeks. The reason is a ...


Brazil’s Hesitant BRICS Summit Preparation // Still Offline

Two months from now, the leaders of five major powers from the Global South are set to meet in Fortaleza for the 6th BRICS Summit.
It is Brazil's chance to reaffirm its commitment to play a pro-active role in global ...

Is Indonesia a Rising Power to be Reckoned With?

The rise of the emerging world and the relative decline of the West was the dominating global narrative of the past decade, and it continues to be an important dynamic of today's discussion. Partly thanks to the creation of ...

Надо чаще общаться
Одна из самых больших проблем государств БРИКС заключается в том, что их жители до ...