Novo Banco de Desenvolvimento: o caminho dos BRICS para uma economia verde?

Instituição financeira dos países do bloco parece estar disposta a apoiar projetos de transição para energias renováveis
O lançamento do Novo Banco de Desenvolvimento (NBD) no ano passado, em Xangai, marcou um ...


The New Development Bank (NDB): The BRICS grouping promises to go green

Last year's launch of the New Development Bank (NDB) in Shanghai marked a remarkable step in the history of the BRICS grouping. After being a mere investment category between 2001 and 2007 and an informal platform between ...


IMF reform: A late (and incomplete) diplomatic victory for the BRICS grouping

After waiting for the implementation of IMF quota reforms for more than five years, the BRICS grouping can finally celebrate an important victory: Now implemented, the reform shifts six percentage points of total IMF quota ...


The BRICS grouping is becoming more Asia-centric

The word "decorative" is currently fashionable in Brazil after Michel Temer bemoaned, in a leaked letter to President Dilma Rousseff, that he was being treated as little more than a "decorative Vice President". Jokes in ...


Book chapter: BRICS Countries (The Oxford Companion to International Relations)

The Oxford Companion to International Relations
1212 Pages 8-1/2 x 11 inches ISBN: ...


Why the 21st century still belongs to emerging powers

As I am finishing a book manuscript about how China, India and other large economies in the Global South are changing global order (to be published with Polity Press next year), several friends and colleagues believe I am ...


The BRICS grouping launches its New Development Bank

Less than a month after the signing ceremony of the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) in Beijing, another global financial institution was launched 1200 kilometers further South. Based in Shanghai, ...


Porque Washington tem dificuldades em compreender o BRICS

Originalmente publicado em inglês no dia 12 de julho e traduzido pelo Politike.
“A China tentará se opor e derrubar a ordem existente ou irá se integrar a ela?”, gosta de perguntar G. John Ikenberry, professor da ...


Why Washington struggles to understand the BRICS

Russia's Finance Minister Anton Siluanov, left, India's Minister of State for Finance and Corporate Affairs Nirmala Sitharaman, second left, Brazil's former Finance Minister Guido Mantega, center, China's Finance Minister ...


The Ufa Declaration: An analysis

Assessing whether a multilateral summit was a success or not is notoriously difficult. Observers' expectations and definitions of success can vary greatly, and, more importantly, it may take years to grasp the ...