AIIB: China takes the lead

On June 29, representatives from 50 countries gathered in Beijing to participate in the signing ceremony of the articles of agreement of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). The significance of the event for ...


Entrevista: “Dinheiro chinês é chance única de integrar fisicamente América Latina”

- Entrevista com Oliver Stuenkel, autor do livro "BRICS e a ordem global"
- Para especialista, Brics mantém dinamismo político, apesar de desaceleração econômica
- Investimentos da China no Brasil vão de trem ...


Book review: “Will China Dominate the 21st Century?” by Jonathan Fenby

Book review: Will China dominate the 21st century? By Jonathan Fenby. Polity, 2014. 154 pages. R$ 17,80 (kindle,
Published by the Australian Institute of International ...


The missing 1.3 billion

Missing China:A world map depicting social connections on Facebook (
Post-Western World's facebook page's roughly fifteen thousand followers ("fans") hail from 45 ...


A Contest for Supremacy in Asia?

Book review: A Contest for Supremacy. China, America, and the Struggle for Mastery in Asia. By Aaron L. Friedberg. W.W. Norton & Company, 2011. 385 pages. R$ 32,46 (, kindle)
Britain launched the ...


China and the Rise of Competing Modernities

Book review: When China Rules the World. The Rise of the Middle Kingdom and the End of the Western World. by Martin Jacques. Penguin, 2012, 848 pages (U$ 15.14, paperback,
Five years ago, Martin Jacques ...

CICA: Another step towards a Post-American security architecture in Asia?

In the wake of unprecedented Chinese institutional entrepreneurship, several analysts (myself included)have pointed to the creation of a potential Chinese-led "parallel order", which would, while not confrontational, ...


Brazil should join China’s new development bank

Observation: This article was published on March 19. On March 27, Brazil announced that it would join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.This move will grant Brasília a seat the table during discussions about the ...


Entrevista com o jornal Brasil Econômico sobre o Banco Asiático de Investimento em Infraestrutura (AIIB)

Banco de investimento chinês cria era de multipolaridade, diz especialista
Oliver Stuenkel, especialista da FGV em emergentes, diz que os EUA usam a ajuda militar como principal moeda de troca para impedir a adesão de ...


Why Britain is right to join China’s new development bank

In a rare open disagreement between London and Washington, aligned on virtually any major foreign policy issue over the past decades, Britain has become the first major Western government to apply for membership in the ...