The Post-Western World and the Rise of a Parallel Order

  By Oliver Stuenkel September 26, 2016 The Financial Times‘ Gideon Rachman recently told his readers about a profoundly ...


Easternisation: War and Peace in the Asian Century

Book review: Easternisation. War and Peace in the Asian Century. Gideon Rachman. Vintage Digital, 2016. 320 pages. $28.19 (kindle,
The Financial Times' Gideon Rachman recently told his readers about a ...


Entrevista de História Oral com Affonso de Ouro Preto

Affonso Celso de Ouro Preto Embaixador em Bissau (1983);Chefe na delegação brasileira na Conferência Técnica sobre a Institucionalização do Parlamento Latino-Americano (1987); Embaixador em Estocolmo (1990-1993); ...


The death of the US pivot to Asia?

If implemented, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which would liberalize trade in 40% of the global economy, would represent Barack Obama's greatest foreign policy legacy. He could claim that, despite ...


Book review: “Sinicization and the Rise of China: Civilizational Processes Beyond East and West” by Peter Katzenstein (ed.)

Sinicization and the Rise of China: Civilizational Processes Beyond East and West. By Peter Katzenstein (ed.) Routledge, 2013. 313 pages. R$ 153, 51 (kindle,
Sinicization: sinicisation, ...


China’s Grand Strategy to Become No. 1

Book review: The Hundred-Year Marathon: China's Secret Strategy to Replace America as the Global Superpower. By Michael Pillsbury. Henry Holt and Co Publishers, 2015. 336 pages, $15.58, kindle (
Of all the ...


The Shanghai Cooperation Organization expands into South Asia

Last month, India and Pakistan were accepted as full members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO), a platform to discuss politics, economics and security matters in Eurasia. While some observers doubt the ...


The Long Road to Currency Multipolarity

At the IMF board meeting tomorrow, the Chinese yuan is expected to join the elite basket of currencies used to value its own de facto currency. If approved, it will be the first important change to the institution's ...


Market turmoil and the future of Chinese institution building

  As the financial crisis in China unfolds, analysts are scrambling to grasp the implications for the global economy. As Martin Wolf wrote in his excellent analysis in the Financial Times,
One must distinguish between ...


Can Shanghai become a global financial center?

Shanghai's current stock market turmoil has left the many observers wondering about short-term implications for the global economy. Looking beyond immediate worries, two issues are worth noting. First of all, the current ...